Tip #899: The Answer is Yes!

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“I’m no longer quite sure what the question is, but I do know that the answer is yes.”  Leonard Bernstein

I love this quote from Leonard Bernstein. It’s so positive and hopeful. It welcomes whatever opportunities and chances life presents.

It is very timely, when flexibility and resilience are so necessary. And it is a wonderful affirmation in a world where too often the answer is “no.”

Imagine my delight when I was introduced to a company that is literally named “The Answer is Yes!”

The Answer Really IS Yes!

Think of a consortium of trainers who can provide training programs to develop capacity in response to any organizational need.

Do you offer accounting training? “The answer is yes.”

Do you offer compliance training? “The answer is yes.”

How about organizational development? Business systems? Leadership training? Personnel development?  Do you provide training in these?

“The answer is yes.”

The Answer is Yes! offers a cost-effective, time-friendly, one-stop-shop for all possible business training needs. And if it doesn’t have a course that a company needs, it quickly develops one. (It’s a philosophy dear to my heart!)

The Answer is Yes! tailors courses to meet the different needs of micro, small, and medium companies who lack internal training resources. Otherwise, those companies would need to locate and contract with a variety of different training vendors, depending on their areas of expertise.

One-Stop Corporate Training

There are 70+ trainers in 8 countries who, between them, offer over 260 online and classroom courses. The courses fall into five categories: work health and safety, human resources, business systems, personal development, and business development. Many of these courses are offered in four different languages.

The Answer is Yes! provides access to these training experts, who have at least 10 years of experience in their fields of specialization. This guarantees that all company needs can be met in one place, through one vendor.

I Said “Yes!!

It was an honor to be invited to join this extraordinary group of trainers. My answer was an exuberant “Yes!”

I am now contracted to provide fifty-six of my training programs. Among many others, these programs include train the trainer, change management, business management, employee motivation, customer service, problem-solving, strategic planning, mentoring, conflict management, coaching, and leadership skills.

I am looking forward to facilitating these programs in the classroom again.

Time will tell which programs will be popular and where I’ll be traveling. I’m not quite sure what the questions will be, but I do know that my answer will be yes!

If your organization has training needs that haven’t been met, schedule a brief meeting with me to get more information: https://bit.ly/314ztux

To learn more about The Answer is Yes!, visit their website: https://answeryes.com.au/

May your learning be sweet- and safe.


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