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Laurel and Associates, Ltd. can help you build managerial, employee development and technical skills through the design and delivery of participatory classroom and virtual training programs. We can also teach your trainers how to quickly design and then effectively facilitate high quality skill-building and attitude-changing training programs.


High Performers Aren’t Automatically Great Trainers

It happens every day. An employee who excels at their job is tapped to start training other employees on their topic of expertise. This is despite the fact that the individual has never been trained as a trainer. I call this an accidental trainer.

There are problems with this. Through no fault of their own, other than being in the right place at the right time, the accidental trainer:

  • has no idea how to design and conduct a training program or manage participants.
  • is expected to conduct training on other topics unfamiliar to the trainer.
  • resorts to giving a lecture, which is generally ineffective.
  • doesn’t know how to create an environment that encourages and supports learning.
  • presents training programs that do not build the desired knowledge and skills in the participants.
  • is prone to stress and burnout due to the anxiety of being expected to perform a job they have not been prepared to perform.

My name is Deborah Laurel and I’m the President of Laurel and Associates, Ltd.

If your trainers are struggling and your employees are ignoring what the trainers say, that can lead to a loss of customers, downtime, injuries, lower productivity- and generally a waste of time and money.

Isn’t it time to see that your accidental trainers have the knowledge and skills they need to design and facilitate engaging skill-building training programs that have measurable results?

I have designed and facilitated training programs for public, private and nonprofit agencies, as well as for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the United States Agency for International Development for the past 40 years. I have also trained and certified over 1000 trainers in the United States, Jordan, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, UAE, and Croatia in how to design, facilitate, and evaluate participant-centered, skill-building training programs.

I offer three packages to help your accidental trainers learn how to train:

Package A, Designing and Delivering Dynamic Learning, is a five-day comprehensive Train the Trainer program that walks participants through a six-step lesson design process, the creation of learning activities and facilitator guides, presentation skills, how to create a motivational environment, and facilitation practice. Participants leave with a completed lesson plan, self-designed learning activities, templates, and a videotape of their facilitated learning activity. Coaching and support is provided for thirty days after the program.

Five added values of this program:

  • Accidental trainers will design and conduct professional and effective training programs.
  • Employees will learn and apply the skills they need to be successful on their jobs.
  • Employees will look forward to attending training programs.
  • Employees will be more productive.
  • Accidental trainers will become certified trainers

Package B, Increasing Training Effectiveness, is a three-day Train the Trainer program that walks participants through a six-step lesson design process, the creation of learning activities and facilitator guides, and stand up presentation skills. Participants leave with a completed lesson plan, a self-designed learning activity, and templates. Coaching and support is provided for thirty days after the program.

Five added values of this program:

  • Employees will choose to stay because of the quality of learning opportunities.
  • Production deadlines will be met.
  • Potential applicants will be attracted to the company.
  • Employees will take advantage of available training programs.
  • Accidental trainers will be able to develop effective training programs more quickly.

Package C is a 2-day program that focuses on one of the three key training skills: Curriculum Design, Learning Activity Design, or Presentation Skills. These programs have an intensive focus on the participants’ current training needs and enable them to leave with either detailed lesson plans, learning activities and facilitator guides, or videotapes of their presentations. Coaching and support is provided for thirty days after the program.

Five added values of these programs:

  • Accidental trainers will have templates to follow in designing lesson plans or learning activities.
  • Accidental trainers will deliver more effective and engaging presentations.
  • The quality and effectiveness of training programs will increase.
  • Accidental trainers will be more confident in their training design and delivery abilities.
  • Employees’ skills will improve.

When we have worked together, your accidental trainers will have developed practical and effective skill-building training programs. They will have confidence in their own competence and expertise to design or deliver the training in a manner that engages your employees and results in changed behaviors.

Accidental trainers do not automatically become trainers when placed in a training capacity. Skills are needed to design and facilitate relevant, results-oriented, and popular training programs. Once they are certified as trainers, their programs will result in greater employee productivity, morale, safety, and retention.

Contact me for a white paper on Why Training Programs Fail- and How to Improve Them.

FREE Training Mastery Series

Does your organization have new trainers, solo trainers, or accidental trainers (subject matter experts who now have training responsibilities)? Are the participants in their training programs actively engaged in their programs, or are they bored and tuned out? Sometimes these trainers aren’t as effective as they could be, because they lack the necessary training skills.

This Training Mastery Series has been designed to help them learn how to design and deliver training programs that make a positive difference in their participants’ behavior.

I’ve been a trainer for over 45 years. I’ve designed and delivered highly rated skill-building training programs for managers, employees, and trainers in federal, state, and local government agencies, international agencies, private corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Linda Jackson, Senior Client Manager/Automation & Training Specialist, had this to say about our program: “These training sessions are worth the time and money. Deborah is a wealth of knowledge and I left her training session feeling excited and encouraged.”

Please invite them to my free monthly Training Mastery series on the third Thursday of each month, from 11 AM to 11:30 AM CST, beginning on September 21, 2023.

Each month will focus on a key training subject or challenge. The monthly course schedule for the year can be found below.

Watch an interview with Deborah by BJ Stephens on First Aid for Trainers (now titled the Training Mastery Series.)

Recordings of past Training Mastery Series will be available via Vimeo later in the year. Sign up to be notified when they are available.

Training Mastery Series – Video Archive

When NOT to Lecture

The focus of this lecture is on when NOT to lecture, why that’s important, and how to convert a lecture into something more interactive and

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Virtual Training Events for Spring 2023


Six Steps to Yes

Six Steps to Yes: This half-day skill-building workshop uses interactive exercises to help participants learn how to quickly create trusting relationships using six decision triggers. Participants will assess how and when the triggers have been used on them and practice using those triggers to provide instant influence. Join us on March 28 for this virtual event.
Location: Virtual training
Time and Date: 8:30-12:30pm, March 28th
Cost: $199

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: Come to this one-day skill-building workshop to boost your persuasive presentation skills and better inform your audiences, regardless of your field or industry. You will be engaged with interactive activities and gain insight into successful strategies for an effective presentation. Join us on April 26th for this virtual event and take your public speaking to the next level.

Location: Virtual training
Time and Date: 8:30-4pm, April 26th
Cost: $275.00

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