Tip #721: Free Image Sites

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” Walt Disney

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for great images that help to tell a story and ideally are free!

I am passing along information posted by Roger Courville in a recent SpeakerNet News.

  • Pexels.com is right up front about their free stock imagery being available for commercial use, which saves a ton of time.
  • Unsplash.com also has free stock images for commercial use. They kindly request — but don’t require — that you to provide attribution. And if you’re a Chrome user, get the Instant Unsplash plugin. SO cool.
  • BrainyBetty.com is great for those looking for master slide designs and templates (and more, too).
  • Https://Blog.snappa.com/free-stock-photos

Sudhir Bhushan recently added another site: https://hostgatorcouponcode.in/free-stock-images-for-web-designers/.

And Shabbir Nooruddin offers a mix of 46 both free and paid sites: https://chasingheartbeats.com/stock-photography-websites/

I recently became aware that if you go to https://www.stockphotosecrets.com/best-free-stock-photo-sites    you will find a verdict and a score on the usability of each resource so it’s easy to choose one.

Happy hunting!

May your learning be sweet.


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