Tip #408: One More Story and a Note of Thanks

What is success in this world? I would say it consists of four simple things — to live a lot, to love a lot, to laugh a lot, and from it all, to learn a lot.” Richard J. Needham

This will be a very brief Tip, with one more story and a note of thanks.

Beth Tomlin, Departmental Training Specialist with TRICARE Division – Nordby, sent this wonderful story about the unexpected results of incomplete instructions:

“I have a funny anecdote to go along with this subject. Years ago, I worked at a summer day camp and the kids would go swimming almost every day. On the first day of swimming, I had the youngest girls in my group, mostly kindergarten and first grade kids. I told them to take off their clothes, put on their swimsuits and take a shower before going out on the pool deck. They were so excited and made quick work of getting ready.  

When they came out on the pool deck I had to turn away from them so they wouldn’t see me laughing. All but two of the girls were still wearing their underwear under their swimsuits!  I couldn’t blame them… they did exactly what I asked them to do. They took off their clothes, put on their swimsuits and took a shower. As they very noisily pointed out to me, I said absolutely nothing about removing their underwear! Sometimes I miss those days.”

Thank you, Beth!

Now, I need to amend the quote above by adding a fifth component of success in life: wonderful friends.

Thank you for your good wishes and support as I move through my current journey.  Your messages have meant more to me than I can ever tell you- and since words are my business, that’s saying a great deal!

It may be a trite saying, but it is meant sincerely- thank you from the bottom of my heart! I count you among the many blessings in my life.

Stay warm if you are in a cold climate and cool if you are in a hot climate. Tips will resume in two or three weeks.

May your learning be sweet.


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