Tip #34: Prepare for co-training

A co-training experience can be very rewarding. We don’t often get a chance to work closely with our peers and see how they approach training. It can be a wonderful source of energy and support- if you plan for it.

However, if you are used to presenting training by yourself, the assumption of “co-presenter” status can be very rocky. It is not easy to give up authority and control in the classroom to another trainer.

It helps to prepare yourself to assume this possibly new and unfamiliar training role if you:

  1. anticipate what it will feel like to co-present;
  2. identify possible areas of friction (in terms of philosophy, background, personality, or training style); and
  3. agree to specific ground rules to minimize anticipated friction.

Next week we will discuss the DO’s for training with one or more co-facilitators. The following week, we will discuss the DON’Ts!

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