Tip #971: Are Your Employees Guessing What to Do?

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes poses six questions to determine how serious a company is about training. Please consider your own company’s answers:

  1. All employees perform each aspect of their job with a high degree of excellence and consistency.
  2. Results are somewhat predictable because training and skills are consistent.
  3. Each supervisor would give a similar answer for each question or problem.
  4. Each employee would give a similar answer for each question or problem.
  5. Client treatment is similar, no matter who the client deals with in our company or department.
  6. All staff members know what is considered good performance or attitude.

Holmes suggests that even one negative response to these questions indicates a lack of seriousness about training. And that’s a serious problem, because training sets standards.

“With proper training, every employee will know the ideal procedure for initial contact with a client, the questions they need to ask every single client no matter what, and the follow-up procedures that you absolutely insist upon… The most important thing you can do is to insist upon mandatory and regular skills training.”

As Holmes summarizes, “When your employees confront any situation, they’re in one of two categories. Either you’ve addressed it and trained them, and they have the information they need to deal with it, or you haven’t addressed it or trained them and they’re going to be guessing. Which category would you rather your staff be in?”

If there is a lack of excellent and consistent performance in your department or company, either there is no current or regular skills training, the training curriculum needs revision, or the trainers’ skills need improvement.

Contact Deborah Laurel of Laurel and Associates, Ltd. for training curriculum design and train the trainer programs.

May your learning be sweet- and safe.


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