Tip #650: Feedback Models SET-GO Through STAR

“Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.” Ed Batista

I found 20 performance feedback models defined by acronyms. We looked at 1-5 in Tip #647, 6-10 in Tip #648 and 11-15 in Tip #649. Here are 16-20:

  1. SET-GO: What I Saw, What else I saw, What I think, Clarify the Goal, Get Offers of how to achieve this
    • What I Saw: Specific, descriptive observed behavior.
    • What Else: Other information about the observed behavior.
    • What I Think: Have the employee problem solve how to change the behavior.
    • Goal: Clarify the desired goal.
    • Offers: Obtain offers or suggestions on how the goal can be achieved.
  1. SSCC: Start, Stop, Continue, Change
  1. SSD: Stop, Start, Do More Of
  1. SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
    • Specific: Explain the specific expectations before, during and after the task.
    • Measurable: Set measurable goals so the feedback is more fair and less subjective.
    • Achievable: Give feedback as the employee makes progress toward an achievable defined goal.
    • Realistic: Identify the steps the employee is taking or can take to achieve the realistic goal.
    • Timely: Give feedback when the goal or process is still current and relevant. https://seismic.com/blog/post/get-smart-to-provide-better-feedback/
  1. STAR: Situation/Task, Action, Results

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