Tip #491: Words of Wisdom for a New Trainer

Be a lamp, a lifeboat or a ladder.”  Rumi

I love training! I enjoy the analytical process of assessing needs and determining learning objectives. It is fun to create engaging learning activities. And it is a true honor and pleasure to facilitate learning in others and to learn from them.

So, whenever someone is interested in going into training, I want to strongly encourage them. I also want them to be successful, so these are some of my words of wisdom:

  • Remember that training is about the learner, not you.
  • Do everything you can to set the learners up for success: have clear learning objectives; do your research so the information and techniques you are teaching are up to date; use a variety of learning activities that achieve the desired learning levels and meet the needs of the different learning styles.
  • Get experience in the real world, so that you are credible when you stand in front of a group.
  • Remember that their collective expertise often far exceeds yours, so never waste participants’ time and insult their intelligence by telling them something that some of them may already know- ask questions first, rather than telling them. You can always fill in any gaps.
  • Launch them on a voyage of self-discovery: give them ample opportunities to share their perspectives and to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.
  • Build their confidence in their own competence.
  • Value what you learn from your participants.
  • Instill in your participants a love of and joy in learning. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

What else would you add?

Janis Taylor of Philips added this: “Make every effort to hold your training event in a pleasant room, with windows.”

May your learning be sweet.


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