Tip #287: Preparing to Conduct Workshops in Hotels #4

There are lots of ways to get from an airport to a hotel.

13. Contact the hotel about an airport shuttle.

Before you fly, contact the hotel to see if they have an airport shuttle- and if so, where exactly to get it. Hotel shuttles are free (other than the tip you might want to give to the driver for hauling your bags in and out of the bus).

14. Check online to see if the airport has a SuperShuttle.

If the hotel does not have an airport shuttle, look into a SuperShuttle. It is a national shuttle service that operates out of many airports and is much cheaper than a taxi. Go to to see if the SuperShuttle operates from that airport. If so, you may also want to get a roundtrip ticket to have the SuperShuttle bring you back to the airport.

15. Consider public transportation.

If you are not traveling with a lot of luggage, you might want to consider a bus, train, or subway.

16. If you take a taxi, schedule the return trip.

In large cities, it can help to take the taxi driver’s card and schedule your return trip to the airport. I have stood on the city streets of New York City and Boston with all of my luggage, trying to get the eye of a cabbie during rush hour. Time consuming and very very stressful, particularly if you have to make an early evening flight! It is much better to schedule a pick up. I’ve never had a cabbie say “no” to a scheduled pick up. I’ve never had to wait for them, either.

17. Get preferred status with the rental car companies.

My brother Daved, who travels constantly, told me about this. You can sign up on-line (for free) to become a preferred renter with any of the car rental companies you use. Once you have that status, you can either go to the head of the line or go to a special rental counter window, where you will be taken care of much more quickly. Since they will already have your essential information on file, the rental process will be very easy. Just remember to bring your card or at least your card number.

If you travel a lot and use the same car rental agency every time, you can pay for a special membership status that will enable you to bypass the rental counter entirely. You can just walk onto the lot, take a car, and be on your way!

Next week, we will end our checklist with a look at expenses at the hotel.

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