Tip #273: How to Email Large Documents

Since this is a holiday week, I’m going to keep this Tip very short. Have you ever tried to send an email attachment that is more than 10 MB and had it bounce back? Or have you ever had a client want to email you a large document, but your only option was snail mail? Frustrating, isn’t it?

What if I told you that there is a website that will let you securely send email attachments as large as 100 MB- and it is free and easy to use?

Thanks to Kathy Doran of Pump Systems Matter, I have discovered http://www.CuteSendit.com.

No, I have no idea why it has a cutesy name. Quite frankly, I’m so impressed by the site’s existence and capabilities, I don’t even care.

However, when you do plan to send a large email attachment using the site, it would be wise for you to alert the receiver. Otherwise, when they see mail from CuteSendit, they may not realize it is a legitimate business communication!

After you create your free account at CuteSendit, the rest is a snap.

In Step 1, you simply fill in the recipient’s address, write your message, attach the file, click and send.

In Step 2, the recipient receives an email message with a link to the file. This avoids email attachment limitations. The download link takes the recipient to a web page where they can download the file with their browser.

In Step 3, you are sent a confirmation email as soon as the recipient clicks the download link. This eliminates any worry that the file has not been received.

Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you, Kathy, for alerting me to the site! If you know of any other sites that provide this capability, please let us know. Next week, we will continue our look at some very useful gadgets, strategies and resources for trainers! If you’ve discovered some gems, please share them and we’ll use the Tips to pass the word along!

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