Tip #192: Useful Training Resources #3

This week’s useful training resource comes to us by way of Lea Ann Tamerius from P&G. Until she mentioned it, I had absolutely no idea there was such a thing as an

LCD projector remote with a built-in timer!!

Let’s admit it-it’s not easy to stay on topic and on time while facilitating a training session. This is made particularly difficult if the clock on the wall does not have the correct time- or if there isn’t a clock on the wall! Keeping eye contact with participants while making surreptitious glances at your watch requires a lot of finesse! And if your watch tends to twist on your wrist, so the watch face is not always where you expect it to be, forget about trying to be discreet when you need to know the time!

In the past, I’ve suggested to trainers that they put a small clock on the table where they keep their facilitator manual. This, however, can tend to tether them to the table.

Some folks have mentioned that they simply look at their cell phone. That wouldn’t work for me, because it makes a terribly loud buzzing sound if someone calls after I’ve muted the ring tone. Besides, I would still have to either pick up the cell phone or get my nose close enough to it to see the time. Not such smooth moves…

So, it was wonderfully gratifying when Lea Ann described the LCD projector remote she uses! I mean, the remote is already in my hand. And apparently it can be programmed to give vibration alerts at five and two minutes, so you don’t even have to LOOK at it!

Here is the description of the one she uses:

The Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter helps you focus on connecting with your audience, not your computer. Take advantage of its 50-foot range to control your presentations while moving around an auditorium with confidence. A built-in easy-set LCD timer with vibration alerts that give automatic, inaudible warnings at 5 and 2 minutes remaining helps you effectively manage your time.

No software is required — just plug it in and it works. The built-in controls for ‘Launch Slideshow´, ‘Slide Forward´, ‘Slide Back´, ‘Black Screen´ and ‘Volume´ put the most-needed presentation tools in the palm of your hand. There´s even an integrated laser pointer to help you emphasize your key messages.”

Lea Ann purchased hers at Amazon. COM and was kind enough to give us the URL:

So, is that cool or what?

If any of you have experience with this LCD remote or others that are similar, we’d love to hear about it.

Next week, we will continue our discussion of useful training resources with something that makes backing up huge amounts of data quick and easy, and is even portable!


This week, we continue a discussion of useful training resources. Please be aware that I do not sell these products, nor do I receive any commission on their sale. They are simply items that make a trainer’s life easier!

This week, we continue a discussion of useful training resources. Please be aware that I do not sell these products, nor do I receive any commission on their sale. They are simply items that make a trainer’s life easier!

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