Tip #179: Useful Training Resources #2

8. If you would like to create crossword puzzles, these sites are free:

  • http://www.crosswordpuzzlegames.com/create.htm
  • http://www.edhelper.com/puzzles.htm
  • http://www.awesomeclipartforkids.com/crossword/crosswordpuzzlemaker.html
  • http://www.puzzle-maker.com/CW/

9. The following websites offer free teaching and training information:

  • http://www.bowperson.com
  • http://www.alcenter.com
  • http://www.thiagi.com
  • http://www.bobpike.com
  • http://www.guilamuir.com
  • https://laurelandassociates.com

10. Excellent books include:

  • Sharon Bowman: The Ten-Minute Trainer!
  • C. Leslie Charles/Chris Clarke Epstein: The Instant Trainer
  • David Meier: The Accelerated Learning Handbook
  • Bob Pike: Creative Training Techniques Handbook
  • Mel Silberman: 101 Ways to Make Training Active
  • Harold Stolovitch: Telling Ain’t Training
  • Steven Sugar: Games That Teach

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