What I’ve learned from my international travels

Pack all medications and a complete change of clothing Wear compression stockings for long flights Bring your own water bottle onto the plane If you will be changing airlines, check to see how your baggage will be handled If you will have a long layover, check to see if there is a Yotel in the […]

France Travelogue – 2016

September 3, 2016 Hello, before I tell you about our jam packed day today, I have to add some other tidbits I forgot to mention. First, the restaurant bathroom was unisex, with one stall for men, one stall for women and a sink all in the same small room. To say we weren’t expecting that […]

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hello, Jenny, Seth and I have been at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites since midday on Saturday, August 13. We came here on a Costco all-inclusive package deal and it has been absolutely wonderful. Although I was concerned that we would be sharing one room, it has two beds and one fold out couch that […]

Dubai Travelogue – 2015

Dubai, November 17, 2015 I’m sorry that I haven’t written until now. I was exhausted when I left Madison, WI and have been trying to get some sleep at night to keep going during the day. The following will be snatches of information in no particular order: There are two women who are Emiratis who […]

Kenya Travelogue – 2014

Amsterdam, August 8, 2014 Hello. I am in Amsterdam, after a very uneventful and relatively easy journey. The Delta representative in the Madison airport showed me how to move from an aisle seat with 6 other people to an aisle seat with just one other person. Being on the aisle is a must on these […]

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Hello. I am in Mississauga, which is about 20 miles away from Toronto. I’m only here to conduct a 1-day train-the-trainer program for Roche Pharmaceuticals. I made a number of earth shattering discoveries in my travels today. Canada is a different country. Say that with me: Canada is a different country. Yes, I brought my […]

Zambia Travelogue – 2013

Amsterdam, August 30, 2013 I am on my way to Lusaka, Zambia to conduct 8 days of business management training to owners and staff of private medical training institutions. I won’t bore you with the stress and hysteria of creating these materials on topics I know nothing about (thank goodness for subject matter experts Katie […]